Life Formulas I

These are notes to myself. Your frame of reference, and therefore your calculations, may vary. These are not definitions – these are algorithms for success. Contributions welcome.

Happiness = Health + Wealth + Good Relationships

Health = Exercise + Diet + Sleep 

Exercise = High Intensity Resistance Training + Sports + Rest

Diet = Natural Foods + Intermittent Fasting + Plants

Sleep = No alarms +  8-9 hours + Circadian Rhythms

Wealth = Income + Wealth * (Return on Investment) 

Income = Accountability + Leverage + Specific Knowledge

Accountability = Personal Branding + Personal Platform + Taking Risk?

Leverage = Capital + People + Intellectual Property

Specific Knowledge = Knowing how to do something that society cannot yet easily train other people to do  

RoI = Buy-and-Hold + Valuation + Margin of Safety

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